Tuesday, July 3, 2012

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Adventures in Pencil Integration

Since I had to look up what a Ticonderoga actually was, I think it's safe to say that my explanation might be a little off or possibly right on target. The cartoon displays that the "papermate" is the lesser of the two but, it's not reliable because it often breaks. Then the cartoon labels the "ticonderoga" as the most expensive tool a hipster will buy. That screams out to me, "hey, they're BOTH pencils, they're both going to break but, one will cost you $0.25 while the other will cost you over $1. You're not cool if you go with the cheaper one but, you're the most awesome person alive if you buy the way more expensive pencil...that breaks on the same day as the other guy's."

My my my...Mr. Spencer has such a uniqueness with his writing methods. He uses words metaphorically in such a way that you don't mind o.d.'ing on the abundance of content. Along with the assigned post , I read Remember pencil quests? , followed by The Con Academy, 10 points on pencils, etc...I could keep going! What I take from Mr. Spencer's blog is the integration of both pencils and technology. While, I think it's a riot how Mr. Spencer uses pencils to poke fun of technology in his posts. I especially enjoyed the post where he refers to not having an acceptable use policy for pencils but, protractors are ok! LOL I relate so well to this blog that I'm considering buying the book since I am the one who's been so fearful of using technology in the classroom. But, the longer I spend in EDM 310 the more I realize the essential need for technology in the classroom. As each week goes by when we're learning a new tool, or just reading teacher's blog posts, I feel relief knowing that 1) my students are going to LOVE working with technology and 2) EDM prepared me for the challenge. I still find it facinating that there are school systems out there that ban the use of technology inside the schools. There are so very many resources at students finger tips everyday with the use of "pencils" but, gosh darn it, I guess we'll need to get back to using that chalk.

dangerously ! irrelevant;header for Dr.McLeod's blog
I don't think I let the beginning of Dr. McLeod's "Don't teach your kids this stuff. Please?" fool me like I saw in several posted comments by previous EDM students. After reading, commenting, and summarizing many things in EDM this semester I knew there was NO way this was ending the way it began so I think that helped me to enjoy it on the first read. I think he used satire as a positive action to push people towards technology. Point blank. There's nothing wrong with a little constructive, smarty pants way of saying, "hey, seriously....open your eyes!"

According to http://scottmcleod.net/bio/, Dr. Scott McLeod is one of the nations's leading academic directors concerning technology leadership issues. Dr. McLeod took a LOA from his position at the University of Kentucky to serve as the Director of Innovation for Prairie Lakes Education Agency. He is one of the founding members of the UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education (CASTLE). CASTLE is an organization that oversees the technology needs of school administrators. Dr. McLeod also helped create the video series Did you know? Shift happens! You can view one of the many videos here.

Dr. McLeod has also received numerous awards such as a Leader in Learning honor, Emerging Leader by Phi Delta Kappa, being recognized as one of the National School Board Associations, 20 to Watch, as well as, many others.

You can keep up with Dr. McLeod's great ideas through his blog Dangerously Irrelevant or by purchasing his book, What School Leaders Need to Know about Digital Technologies and Social Media.


  1. Mary,

    Refer to Dr. Strange's post about this particular blog assignment. Be sure to give credit to the website in which you found the biographical information on Scott McLeod. Otherwise, that is plagiarism!

  2. Liz, I'm not quite sure I follow you. Should I have worded something differently? I created links within my post to the 2 websites where I found the info on Dr. McLeod;Dangerously Irrelevant and CASTLE.

    1. I just meant that when you directly quote something from a website, you need to have quotation marks to show that it is someone else's wording not your own. When you talk about his biographical information, you should say, "According to ___.com (you can provide a link), Scott McLeod..."

  3. gotcha!!!!!! Thanks Liz, it's that "end of the semester" syndrome..LOL I will make the corrections.