Thursday, July 19, 2012

Project # 13--Using Collaborative Tools

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Being a part of Group #3 with Christie, Angyl, and Angie was the best! We had an amazing time sharing ideas together or doing 1:1 efforts for our iBook. Our group elected Curious George as a theme and got busy putting together ideas, assigning responsibilities, and collecting information. was a major contributor to our project as it was used for all of our research information and pictures. indians;burned out campfire;no way to text As a group I think we addressed things with any tool possible. One might ask a question via text and then the answer would be addressed with an email! It's just the craziness of our lives and just our individual selves. I can't speak for my group as a whole, but the most effective tool I found useful when collaborating with the group was text. We also chose to meet face to face, fortunately most of the time we were able to be in the lab when it was fairly quiet and easy to use more than one of the MACs to create different pieces of our iBook. Since none of us have a MAC or iPad, this allowed us to become individually familiar with the iBook software as well as the MAC in general. Also, we learned the hard way the art of "ejecting" a jump drive from a MAC which is very important to do.
Overall I think the communication between Group 3 was precise and never an issue. We always found ways to get 4 opinions regarding any ideas or decisions for our iBook within minutes. With all of the knowledge I've learned this semester, I could make a smoke singal effective and resourceful :))))))))))

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