Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Progress Report on Final Project

Our group includes Christie Mason, Angyl White, Angelia Gafford and myself. I'll start off by saying that I adore these ladies. Even with crazy school, work and home schedules our group really puts forth 100%. We're mostly communicating via email,phone calls and text which seems to work well for all 4 of us. We've scheduled a lab day one week from today.

circle on a piece of paper. band your head in the middle of it

Focusing soley on Project # 16 is a challenge with all that I have going on towards the end of the semester but, day by day bits and pieces are coming together. I've completed the "My Sentence" video and my book trailer and selected Blog Post # 8 for my group review. I'm not sure the route I want to go with my 10 photos just yet but, I do have a few ideas. My weekend plans do include finalizing the "importance of technology" video and creating an annotated picture.


  1. IKR!!! I need to go back and edit this post with a link to ya'lls blogs. arrrrrrg it was sooo early in the a.m. when I was posting. Such is life :) see ya in a little bit.