Thursday, July 5, 2012

Blog Post # 13

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A Vision of Students Today

Some of the messages were spot on, but some of the students held up messages and my initial reaction was shock. Examples being: "I get 7 hours of sleep per night", "I watch 1.5 hours of t.v. per day", "I spend 2 hours eating, 2 hours on my cell phone". Literally jaw dropping because I can't think of the last time I had more than 6 hrs of sleep per night, I occasionally glance at the news in the evening between cooking, eating, and studying, 2 hours on my cell phone? PLEASE! But, the assignment states to not only view the video as a student, but think about the message that it's giving to the teachers and the universities. Unfortunately, I think some university presidents would enjoy knowing that they've sold a $200 book to a student that will never use it. It's more money in their pocket so that leads me right back to a student's perspective of "that's a total rip off!" Many of the messages suggested that no matter what is going on within the lecture or classroom, they're not paying attention to the teacher. Laptops are up and out but, students are working on non education sites. When you have an average of 115 students in your class, does that mean you give up trying to make the lecture entertaining? I would hope not. If there were more interactiveness involved with the lecture then the student, in my opinion, would be more apt to follow along, leading to a higher success rate.

How will you teach me in the 21st Century?

man screaming i can't stop thinkingWhat I want my students to know? I want my students to know that being engaged with learning allows them the benefits of becoming a productive member of society. I would also want them to know the difference between standards and expectations as I hope they will choose to exceed the standards and rise above MY expectations.

What I want my students to be able to do? I want my students to be able to use technology effectively regardless of their age. It is simple defeat that even the smallest child can opererate technology. I hope to use that knowledge to my students' full potential.

albert einsteinWhat I want my students to experience? I want my classroom to experience the learning process from a point of view some children do not receive. That experience? Media technology!! I hope my students get to experience the rush of excitement when they use media to enhance the day's lesson. I hope for them to learn to solve a problem then transfer that knowledge to another field.

Ms. Dorothy's technology tool kit really hit home with me because before this semester I hadn't used a lot of the items. Some might think the criteria listed is much, but I think it shows that she values her educators as well as what they can offer to their students.

Mr. Webb did a wonderful job of involving Carlton with the video. I think with the great wonders of technology, this video becoming a success is masterful. It's not hard to feel that "wow" moment with Mr. Webb when you see how much fun little Carlton is having. Who would want to have a rehearsal and change up those guys chemistry? ha ha ha

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  1. Well, I think on reflection that the assignment for Blog Post #13 was excessive. so I will excuse you for the part you did not do. You really should watch Brian Crosby's talk. It is very powerful and important, especially considering the kids in his class.