Wednesday, July 4, 2012

C4T #3

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For my C4T #3, I was assigned to follow Ms. Dianne Krause's blog "Dianne's Digital Discoveries". As a technology staff development specialist, Ms. Krause uses her time to find the most effective resources available for the teachers in her school district. In today's age as teachers are migrating towards full use in technology, Ms. Krause gives her opinions and insights regarding many different technologies. I found Ms. Krause's blog to be extremely beneficial in that it draws attention to many useful technology sites, blogs, presentations, etc..After reading her latest blog titled, "Daily Digital Discoveries 5/22/12", I immediately added her to my PLN.
In this post she discusses Zinio, the biggest online newsstand. It didn't need to play on the site or research it too much because I'm very familiar with the site. I actually use Zinio regularly because I find that I get better deals on magazine subscriptions and book buys. I can use my iPhone to read magazines/books or access them from my laptop. It beats lugging around a magazine/book any day. They also have Daily Deals where you can receive an additional 30% off certain subscriptions or books. In my remarks to Ms. Krause about this post, I simply told her the story about how I came to know about Zinio. It happened after being politely told by my fiance' that there was no way he was paying over $6 for any magazine just because it's on a rack in an airport.
My final comment was on her post Daily Digital Discoveries 5/12/12. This post links to a Prezi presentation titled "NETS for Kids" by Rebecca Amerson which shows an easily explained version of the National Educational Technology Standards that can be used by kids;Creativity, Communication, Research, Critical Thinking, Digital Citizenship, and Technology Operations. The graphics and content are laid out in a bouncy prezi that is obviously meant for adults with it's educational content but, if viewed by children they would be in awe of the colorful display and the youtube video explaining how to follow the rules of digital citizenship.
In my comment I explained to Ms. Krause how much I enjoyed her blog and that from the first visit I added her to my PLN. Her blog is truly an asset to a future teacher such as myself. With the many websites she provides the abundance of things to learn never ends. I've had her blog website in my hands for 2 wks and I've not gotten passed the first page because she has many interesting things to say about certain sites or she has shared just the sites themselves which keeps you busy either way.

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  1. "...I immediately added her to my PLN." Wise thing to do!

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