Thursday, July 5, 2012

Blog post # 11

little boy hold letter blocks that spell learn

Ms. Cassidy's First Graders

I'm enjoying every day of EDM because I learn something new. This blog assignment is just another bread crumb on my path towards becoming an educator in the 21st century. I wasn't in shock that Ms. Cassidy's first graders were using computers, my nephew is 4 and downloaded an app on my iPhone the other day because he knows the password...go figure!!!! ha ha I was literally in awe that these tiny people were blogging!!! Really? I'm in college and only created my first blog because of EDM 310. I was just so excited watching them do lessons and write about things on their blogs not to mention actually teaching us about things too. I've never let go of the fact that children are like sponges and Ms. Cassidy's class is a great testiment to my opinion. I often encourage future teachers (such as myself) to involve your classroom at any cost. Children deserve to feel accomplishment and there's no better way to achieve that than with hands on, interactive goals.

Skype Interview with Ms. Cassidy

I think Ms. Cassidy has a lot of valid points regarding her use of technology with such a young age group. My entire experience this semester has been a huge stepping stone within my journey as a future educator. If this wasn't a require class, I don't think I wouldn't taken it. I say this only because before the last week in May, I had no desire to use massive amounts of technology within my classroom. Sure, technology is a given, it's there, it will be used but, for me, the grave extent would've been a Smart Board. Today, that is NOT the case.

several children typing on one keyboard

For me, the #1 thing I look forward to incorperating in my future classroom will definately be blogs. While I am very opptomistic that blogging can and will allow my students better self expression and creativism, I do have some reservations. Ms. Cassidy uses this tool with her first graders and the potential that it has shows within her video. The children are writing one or two sentences on specific topics which requires the child to stop and think thus, improving their metamemory skills. She also brings up a valid point in that pencil and paper writing doesn't hold an audience like blogging. While this is true, I can also see where blogging might come with some impediments such as jealousy among classmates. Ms. Cassidy says that the program she uses records the number of page views each child's blog has. What if Sally has 150 views and Jane has 5?? Just something to think about.

Another concern I had about the blogging that Ms. Cassidy addressed very well was the privacy of the children. She makes sure to encourage them to not use their last names or post pictures. I think it's wonderful that they're learning internet etiquette at such a young age because this fashion of learning isn't going anywhere, it will just evolve into broader ways of use.

Skype would be another technology approach I would use in my classroom. The use of Skype can always beneficial no matter what age. This blog is a great example of how we used Skype to communicate with Ms. Cassidy, imagine the dullness of using an instant messenger to record the entire interview?! geez! You can actually hear and see the excitement Ms. Cassidy has discussing the engagement of her children and the various devices used in their learning process.

I think that the beneficial pros of using these approaches out weigh the cons several times over. For every con you can place 2 pros on the same plate. Technology is growing whether you like it or not so, I'm embracing this change and accpeting every resource available to me so that I can hopefully have a classroom such as Ms. Cassidy's one day.

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